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Happy Birthday!


What a night we had preaching and ministering in Ijsselmuiden yesterday evening. It was my birthday and I turned 45. 

I was able to share a part of my testimony and minster in the Holy Spirit with my mother in law Tineke Beckmann. She carries the most wonderful gentle anointing I have ever experienced and I love to be around it. It's comforting and full of Love.

For the first time my wife and 3 children all came to encourage me and hear me speak. 

It was a special gift to me from Father for my birthday. It marked the start of restoration of our ministry in Holland.; something I thought was long dead, burned and scattered, never to be seen or heard from again. 

But friends as we know, we have entered the Hebraic year of 5778 which foretells of this being a year of great restoration. It's actually a promise of God for us. And in fact one day while I was enjoying Chuck Pierce preach and teach on this Hebraic year of 5778 and the fullness of what that meant, I  heard him say "God said 'show me something that I can not restore'". I froze and said: "I've got one for you"....and said "see if you can restore my calling to come and minister Your Holy spirit in Holland making disciples of the Lord Jesus.". 

Anyway He took the challenge and I of course was excited and ashamed that I told Him that. 

A few days later invitations came in and this was the first. 

The presence of the Lord was in the small house meeting of 15 people and we were able through skype minister to missionaries in Africa and through text, friends in Switzerland. 

This morning the reports we received were great. All were encouraged and found it to be a special evening. 

For me it was the best birthday I could ever have had. 

The Lord He is great!


Steve K. 


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