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This book gives you the biblical foundation and practical steps how to grow in these vital ministries. Subjects covered include:

  • Raising up a New Generation of Prophets 

  • The Three Prerequisites of Prophetic Ministry 

  • How to Hear God's Voice

  • Christian Meditation

  • How to Prophesy

  • Prophetic Activations

  • Prophetic Guidelines

  • Creating the Future

  • How to Grow in Words of Knowledge

  • How to Make God's Love Tangible

  • How to Heal the Sick

  • How to Grow in Power Evangelism



 "This is a must-read book for living out the fullness of the Spirit in our generation."

- - Dr. A.D. Beacham, Jr., Bishop I.P.H.C.

"This comprehensive manual is the most practical and useful book I have read on the subject of ministering prophecy, healing and words of knowledge." -Norman Wilkie, SpiritLife Church, IPHC

"I used to joke that my ministry was a non-prophet ministry. That all changed once I spent a couple of hours with Matthew Helland. If you want to discover how to tap into the power of prophecy, read this book!"

- Daniel King, Evangelist 

You Can Grow in Prophecy, Words of Knowledge, Healing, Power Evangelism and More!